Add highcharts to the page with ajax.

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Add highcharts to the page with ajax.

This package use highcharts 6.0.x.

To connect the highchart, you have to set the class js-chart and an id. To connect the chart settings, you can bind on the id of the div. (e.g. js-charts-line) In the Charts.config you can set all the settings for the chart. You can set the chart title in data-chart-title. You can also set the ajax url in the data-chart-url The JSON contain the data and the name. The labels for the x, y and z axis can also be set the data attributes (e.g. data-chart-xaxis-title) Other information must be set in the config.

See also the example files in the test folder.

Load the complete series from the ajax request.

If you want to load the complete series from the ajax request, add the data-chart-dynamic attribute. Now all the information in the serie will be set, like data, name and type. You don't have to preset the series in the config, it will add all series from the ajax request.


Example of a custom event.

Charts.loaded = 0;


chart: {
    events: {
        load: function() {

            if(Charts.loaded == Object.keys(Charts.items).length) {

You can use all these event types:

  • addSeries
  • afterPrint
  • beforePrint
  • click
  • drilldown
  • drillup
  • drillupall
  • load
  • redraw
  • render
  • selection


Test the package.

To test the package, clone the package to your system. Than run this command.

npm run build

This will copy the test files to the dist, and also build the package files include the dependencies.

When this script is complete without errors, you can open dist/index.html in your browser. Open the dev tools, tab console, and you see all the results of the tests.

If you only want to check the eslint rules, just run.

npm run lint


Highcharts 6.x.x contains a css and scss file in the css folder. In your scss file from the project, you have to disable the linter for the highcharts file.

 * Disable the linting because the package contain a sass and css file.
// stylelint-disable-next-line
@import 'highcharts/css/highcharts.scss';