We.js Passport oauth2 password grant strategy plugin

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We.js Passport oauth2 password grant strategy plugin

This plugin adds suport for local authentication with password grant type in we.js projects.

The client credentials grant type provides an application a way to access its own service account. Examples of when this might be useful include if an application wants to update its registered description or redirect URI, or access other data stored in its service account via the API.

Compatible with: https://ember-simple-auth.com client


we i we-passport-oauth2-password



POST /auth/grant-password/authenticate

Body params:

  • grant_type=password
  • username
  • password

Response example:

  token_type: 'passportGrantToken',
  access_token: 'tokenString',
  expires_in: 12313, // milisecconds of token life
  // refresh_token: '', // TODO!
  user: req.user // user object


With configuration files:

// ...
    'oauth2-password-grant': {
      storage: 'sequelize', // sequelize || redis
      redis: {
        host: null,
        port: null,
        password: null
        // see https://github.com/NodeRedis/node_redis#rediscreateclient for all options

    passport: {
      strategies: {
        // session
        'oauth2-password-grant': {
          expires_in: 1800, // secconds
// ...


  • Add revoke token url
  • Add delete invalid tokens every time


Copyright and license

Copyright Alberto Souza contato@albertosouza.net and contributors , under the MIT license.

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