A wheel of Forune as simple angular app.

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Wheel of Fortune

Did you ever wanted to elect a winner through a raffle and needed a quick an simple app for that? This is one of them. A simple and lightweight angular app doing this very single thing.

How does it work?

In a simple CRUD list you manage the participants for the raffle. Each participant has an amount of spokes in the wheel, which can be seen as a winning chance. Then you turn the wheel and elect a winner, the winners are stored on the winner page. Both the winners and participants are stored in localstorage at the moment.

For screenshots see Screenshots.

The size of a single participant's slice is calculated as (360 / (total number of spokes)) * number of spokes.

To start the election, slide the wheel or press the Go button. Hammer.JS is used to handle the pan event and by is mobile friendly by that. If using slide, the rotation is based on the distance on the X Axis, if pressing the Go button, a random integer between 0 and 360 is used to base the distance calculation on. For random integers, chance.js is used.

Setup & Run

Use git clone, npm install or download the tarball from github to install it. Here, git clone will be used.

git clone https://github.com/finanzcheck/wheel-of-fortune.git
npm install
npm start

Then open your browser and go to http://localhost:3001.




Wheel Hover

Wheel Hover

Participants list


Winners list