wikitext in, markdown out, no html in the middle

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Converts wikitext into markdown without going through html. I wrote this to get a very lightweight way to get wikitext (mediawiki format) into a modified form of markdown for later display on the command line.

There are still some issues with this but it works passably well for now.

Note that I wrote this for my own purposes and I am actually stripping a bunch of content that isn't relevant for me, such as links. If you are looking for a more complete converter, you should get the content from the wiki in html and parse it as markdown instead - or convert the wikitext to html and the html to markdown.


npm install wikitext2markdown


var wiki2md = require('wikitext2markdown');

wiki2md('== header ==');    // ## header
wiki2md('{{Tip|foo bar}}'); // **Tip**: *foo*

For more examples, check the tests


  • multiline code in the bc template format ({{bc|code}})
  • fix tables with template links in them