sass plugin for wintersmith

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this repo is a fork of wintersmith-sass, modified to compile BOTH .sass files AND the newer .scss.

sass plugin for wintersmith


npm install wintersmith-dot-sass -g

then add wintersmith-dot-sass to your plugins in the wintersmith config.json


If you are using wintersmith 1.0 please use version 0.1.3 else for wintersmith 2.0 please use version 0.2.*


wintersmith-sass-tabs requires the sass gem to be installed as it uses the sass cmd to compile the css files Please see sass for installation details

if you want to have sass output a compressed file, simply add a sass variable $compressed: true; to each .scss file you want compressed.

as per sass guidelines, all non partial .scss files will be parsed into a compiled css file and output. Partials, scss files beginning with _ (underscore) will be ignored unless imported.


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