Multi-Lingual Word Alignment Prediction

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Multi-Lingual Word Alignment Prediction

Word alignment prediction is the process of associating (mapping) words from some primary text with corresponding words in a secondary text. his tool uses statistical algorithms to determine which words or phrases in two texts are equivalent in meaning.

With wordMAP you can create amazing translation tools that:

  • Ensure all terms and phrases in the primary text have a proper translation in the secondary text.
  • Provide in-context vocabulary suggestions to the translator.
  • Helps prevent inconsistencies in the translation.
  • Pre-translates text.


yarn add wordmap


Here's a minimum setup example.

const map = new WordMAP();
map.appendAlignmentMemoryString("Tag", "day");
const source = "Guten Tag";
const target = "Good morning";
const suggestions = map.predict(source, target);
// produces -> "0 [0|n:guten->n:good] [0|n:tag->n:morning]"

Use Cases

  • Aligning a primary text with a secondary text e.g. when generating word maps for gateway languages.
  • Aligning a secondary text with a ternary text.
  • Aligning a primary text to a ternary text (using the secondary as a proxy)

The Need

Existing tools require large data sets, complex running environments, and are usually limited to running in a server environment.

We need a tool that:

  • runs on the client with minimal configuration.
  • works with existing web browser technology.
  • integrates with translationCore and related tools.
  • works without an Internet connection.
  • does not have a minimum corpus size.
  • requires minimal system resources.

Learn more

Want to learn more? Read WHITEPAPER.md.


When publishing to npm be sure to use the command yarn deploy. This will publish the proper module structure to npm.