BaconJS powered lightweight client for the hapi websocket layer, wsabi.

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Wsabi Client Bacon

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An alternative lightweight client for the hapi websocket layer, wsabi. Heavily based uppon wsabi-client. But is written in pure JavaScript and uses a different Reactive provider baconjs.


Mostly a matter of preference. I find BaconJs' documentation easier to understand and their API has a lot less complexity. You can read more about this topic here please consider both before choosing.

Wasabi and bacon also go together well aparently.


There's some minor API differences in the handling of subscribing to live events. That allow you to catch the internal PUT request that occurs on subscribing to a live event. In addition use .onValue rather than .subscribe.

It is also assumed that ws and bluebird are ok to be used as your websocket and promise provider. If there's a problem with this let me know and i'll restore that functionality.


var Client = require('wsabi-client-bacon');

var client = new Client("wss://localhost:3000");

var channelName = "channel";

client.socket.on("open", function () {
    // Send requests to the server with get, put, post, delete, or request.
    client.get("/api/v1/channels/"+channelName).then(function(res) {
        // Subscribe to a live event'channel:'':update').then(function(res) {
                console.log('Channel update',value);