Build TypeScript typings for SOAP WSDL

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A CLI tool and library for nodejs to generate TypeScript typings from a WSDL service.


Installation is done either through npm or yarn.

Installation for Command Line usage

To install CLI tool globally run one of the following command as root or sudo:

$ npm install -g wsdl-to-ts
$ yarn global add wsdl-to-ts

To install CLI tool for the current user one of these commands may be used (which places working directory at users $HOME):

$ cd && npm install wsdl-to-ts
$ cd && yarn add wsdl-to-ts

Installation for Library usage

To install a library as a dependency to your current npm project you enter your project directory as the current directory and run one of the following commands:

$ npm install --save wsdl-to-ts
$ yarn add wsdl-to-ts


If any more documentation is needed for library usage, other than the IDE completions; feel free to open an issue. Also take a look at the type definitions

Usage for Command Line

Check version:

$ wsdl-to-ts --version

Generate typings for a WSDL located on an URI at the default output directory (multiple may be done at the same time by listing more on the command line):

$ cd /tmp
$ wsdl-to-ts ""
$ ls wsdl/**/*
wsdl/TempConvert/TempConvertSoap12.ts  wsdl/TempConvert/TempConvertSoap.ts

The output directory may be changed to any directory using the --outdir flag.

$ wsdl-to-ts --outdir="./some/other/dir" ""

CLI flags

  • --version - Display which version you are currently executing.
  • --outdir=SOME/DIR/PATH - Sets the path which will contain the type definitions.
  • --tslint=RULE0,RULE1,RULE2 - Enable specified rules in all generated files.
  • --tslint=false - Disables tslint in all generated files.
  • --tslint-disable=RULE0,RULE1,RULE2 - Disable specified rules in all generated files.