Manual multi-server client/instance management. If nothing else helped.

Usage no npm install needed!

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WSE + Cross-server Controller

Cheap and simple node.js ws ballancer/controller with ability to communicate between server instances. It allows to start instances on a different physical servers, if you want.

Look at wse before you start.


If you need to manage your clients between your servers or game instances with some very specific rules and without any extra-layers or load ballancers.


  • master - Main process with known host/port. used as registry of existing users.

  • demon - Service process. It always running on some server. Usually only responsive for starting child processes - cores.

  • core - Child process. It can be chat room, level, or game session. When core started – it also starting with websocket server on port, that automatically selected by demon before. And demon also report about this host/port to master. So, master know how user can connect to each core. Demon start cores, when master ask for it.

How exactly?

There is a simple example inside /example folder. But there is no client example yet. There is an example + vue template but it's might be outdated.

I'm not bothering with docs too much, as this package not used by anyone but me yet :)

If you need any help: ping me on twitter or github. Will be happy to help.