Throws an x sided dice y amount of times

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  import xdicey from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/xdicey';




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Throw an x sided dice y amount of times.


dice = require("xdicey") //Require the package under the name dice

let SIDES = 6 // Were using six sided dies
let ROLLS = 1 // And rolling once

throwDice = dice(ROLLS,SIDES) // Throws a six sided die one time

console.log("Threw a " + ROLLS + "d" + " SIDES" + "and received" + throwDice.total);


dice = require("xdicey");

variable = dice(x,y);

x is the amount of times the die should be thrown. y is the amount of sides the die has.

The module will return a collection. The keys in the collection are total, which is the sum of all dice thrown and individual which is an array containing the individual results.