A component for login with xing.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import xingLogin from '';





  • To use the Xing-Login you need to generate a consumer key here
  • Then you can use the component like this:
<xing-login consumerKey="PUTYOURCONSUMERKEYHERE" (onLoginSucceded) = "login($event)" 
    (onLoginFailed) ="loginFailed($event)"></xing-login>

Configuration Options


Unique identifier for your plugin tuned to work only on the domain you specified (though localhost and localhost.local will work for any consumer). The consumer key is also used with the logout function and when verifying the received user data with XING

language (optional)

  • en English
  • de German

size (optional)

  • small
  • medium
  • large
  • xlarge

color (optional)

  • green
  • gray

onLoginSucceded (optional event)

  • is called when login was sucessful
  • provides a user token

onLoginFailed (optional event)

  • is called when login failed
  • provides an error