XKCD-style password generation for node.js

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  import xkcdpass from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/xkcdpass';


xkcdpass - XKCD-style password generation for node.js

Inspired by XKCD comic.

From command line, just use xkcdpass to generate a single password with default plan.

Programmatically, use this example:

var xkcdpass = require('xkcdpass');

var pass = xkcdpass.generate(); // 'throw-unit-face-chile'
var passDetailed = xkcdpass.generateDetailed(); //{ password: 'race-floor-word-themselves', entropyBits: 44, ebtropyBitsExact: 41.906984815757866 }

Both methods also accept optional config whic currently can have only one working option: plan. You can use it to generate passwords which differ from original XKCD form. Currently a plan is array of elements and each of elements can be a string or ['word']. String means literall addition of string, ['word'] means generation of random word. The default(same as mentioned in XKCD) plan is [ ['word'], '-', ['word'], '-', ['word'], '-', ['word'] ].