A set of functions without any dependencies.

Usage no npm install needed!

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A set of functions without any dependencies.

Notice: the primary goal I made this repo is to build small things without any shitty npm dependencies. If it has to depend on them, just copy.


  • fs/watch - a configurable watch function with native fs.watch
  • fs/readdir - pass in pattern, returns all files (include sub folders) under the folder.
  • fs/replace - pass in dir, pattern and callback, replace all the match files with the result processed via callback.


  • util/array - a powerful array lib.
    • partition - given an array and partition size, return a partitioned arrary.
  • util/async - run generator function as async/await function.
  • util/hex-to-rgb - convert hex color to rgb.
  • util/is-generator-fn - check if a function is generator.
  • util/is-promise - detect if an object is a promise.
  • util/noop - function without any operation.
  • util/normalize-base64-url - given a string, return a correct format for img.src to render.
  • util/parse-url - browser only. Given a url string, parse into an object.
  • util/promise-call - run callback-style function as promise. promiseCall(fs.readFile, 'path/to/the/file') or promiseCall([fs.readFile, fs], 'path/to/the/file')
  • util/routington - a shameless copy code from routington.
  • util/safe-run - given a non-parameter function, safely execute it without throwing exception.
  • util/set-path-value - given an object and a path with dot-notation, set value on the path.
  • util/shallow-copy - shallow copy an object.
  • util/shallow-copy-on-path - shallow copy an object with given path.
  • util/sleep - sleep for x ms and return a promise.
  • util/string - a powerful string lib.
    • startWith - startWith('hello world', 'hello') = true
    • endWith - endWith('hello world', 'rld') = true
    • isOverlapBy - isOverlapBy('abcdefg', 'defgxyz', 'fg') = true
    • getOverlap - getOverlap('abcdefg', 'defgxyz') = 'defg', get the longest overlap part of two string if one shares its end with others head.
    • splitBetween - splitBetween('<div>hello</div>','>', '<') returns {left: '<div', middle: 'hello', right: '/div>'},
    • charToHex - charToHex('a') = '0061',charToHex('我') = '6211'
  • util/url - nice utilities for url operating.
    • join - similar to path.join, to safely join two portion to form an url.
  • util/without-undefined - strip out undefined properties from an object.


  • koa/router - a extremly simple yet powerful router creator.