A light weight xlsx reader || builder in nodejs

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  import xlsxHero from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/xlsx-hero';



🎃 XLSX import & export helper base on object schema in nodejs


npm i xlsx-hero --save


Build Hero

  import { XlsxHero } from '../utils/xlsxHero'

  const Schema = {
    name: 'my xlsx',
    maxlength: 1000,
    first: false,
    allowEmpty: true,
    columns: [{
      title: 'name',
      key: 'userName',
      rules: [{
        required: true
    }, {
      title: 'email',
      key: 'userEmail',
      rules: [{
        validator (rule, value, callback, source, options) {
          // test if email address already exists in a database
          // and add a validation error to the errors array if it does

  // construct xlsxHero base on schema
  const importHero = new XlsxHero(schema)

Schema constructor

schema property
key description type default
name name of your sweet xslx (you may use it for export & template generate) string
maxlength xlsx will throw an error if file length larger than maxlength number
first throw an error when met first error during validation boolean false
allowEmpty allow empty row in your file, otherwise xlsx hero validator will throw an error when validate empty row boolean false
rowAppend additional object that needs inject to each row object
needBackFill 在schema中指定需要backfill才会调用每一个单元格的backfill方法 boolean false
columns each row's schema Row[]

Row: Cell[], Each row was an Array of Cell set

Each Cell property
key description type
title title for string
key key string
rules validate rules object[]
backfill backfill object to this row, base on current cell value Function(row)
render render funtion Function(value: CurrentCellValue, row: CurrentRow)


  • buildTemplate

Generate template sheet base on schema

  const tempalte = importHero.buildTemplate('my template')
  • validate

Validate import file

  const { data, detail } = await importHero.validate(file)
detail properties
key description
validateCost validate whole xlsx file cost time
parseCost parse whole xlsx file cost time
  • generateSheet

Generate worksheet buffer

  const buffer = exportHero.generateSheet(result)

Generate work sheet array data

  const opts = { raw: true }
  const data = exportHero.generateSheet(result, opts)

Try it out

cd example
npm i
node index.js

Then open http://localhost:3008/

(For server: Make sure you have node v7.6.0 or higher installed for ES2015 and async function support)

(For client: Make sure your browser support Fetch & Promise && DO NOT USE IE8 OR BELOW)

Enjoy :)