SAML authentication plugin for XO-Server

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xo-server-auth-saml Build Status

SAML authentication plugin for XO-Server

This plugin allows SAML users to authenticate to Xen-Orchestra.

The first time a user signs in, XO will create a new XO user with the same identifier.


Installation of the npm package:

> npm install --global xo-server-auth-saml


This plugin is based on passport-saml, see its documentation for more information about the configuration.

Like all other xo-server plugins, it can be configured directly via the web interface, see the plugin documentation.

Important: When registering your instance to your identity provider, you must configure its callback URL to http://xo.company.net/signin/saml/callback!


# Install dependencies
> npm install

# Run the tests
> npm test

# Continuously compile
> npm run dev

# Continuously run the tests
> npm run dev-test

# Build for production (automatically called by npm install)
> npm run build


Contributions are very welcomed, either on the documentation or on the code.

You may:

  • report any issue you've encountered;
  • fork and create a pull request.


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