Model View Presenter Javascript Framework

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XQCore is a MVP (Model, View, Presenter) Javascript framework to build webapps. The model view presenter pattern is a derivation of the model view controller pattern, it seperates the model from the view and connects this two components with a presenter. This makes your code better testable.

XQCore comes with a set of components.


A model represents your data and contains all logic to handle them. The data integrity can be controlled and validated by a model schema.

var model = new XQCore.Model('mymodel', {
  schema: {
    title: { type: 'string', min: 3, max: 100, required: true },
    description: { type: 'string', min: 5, max: 1000, required: true }

  title: 'Test',
  description: 'Lorem testum...'

var data = model.get();

data === {
  title: 'Test',
  description: 'Lorem testsum...'


Lists are collections of models. Each list item is a model.


A view is simply a template. The presenter gets data from a model und takes the view to create html. We use FireTPL template engine to render html. FireTPL supports two syntax types. The ftl syntax is a bracelet syntax, and it supports the Handlebars syntax.


A presenter connects a model with a view. This is the component who holds all together.


Syncroniced models are models who are connected over socket to a webserver. Everytime when the model in the backend changes, the syncroniced model will change either. This two models are in sync. One backend model can be connected to multiple client models.


Same liek a SyncModel, its connected to a list on the backend site.


Services are the connection to a backend site. They fetch data from a backend API or webservices.


Everyone needs routing. XQCore supports html5 routing API or uses hash links.

Event Emitter