Zetta hue driver

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  import zettaHueDriver from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/zetta-hue-driver';


Phillip's Hue Zetta Driver

Zetta device package for Phillips Hue Driver, use this to discover Hue hubs and bulbs on your Zetta platform. Uses the Node Hue Api from Peter Murray to communicate with Hue hub and bulbs.


npm install zetta-hue-driver


var zetta = require('zetta');
var Hue = require('zetta-hue-driver');


Register your hub

As a security measure, you must register your hub in order for the zetta-hue-driver to find your connected bulbs.

To do this:

  1. push the link button on top of your hue hub * the same physical button you pushed when you linked your hub to your mobile app or web account
  2. trigger the regiser action in the zetta api. * You'll have 10-20 seconds to do this before the api times out.

Usage in a Zetta App

var bulbQuery = server.where({type: 'huebulb'});

Changing Bulb Color

Colors are converted with color before being passed to the Hue api, and can be in the form of any valid CSS color string.

bulb.call('color', [colorstring], [callback]);

Example valid color string:

"#ffffff"         //white
"rbg(255, 0, 0)"  //red
"hsl(0, 100, 50)" //red