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Nuxt Modules

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Discover Nuxt modules to supercharge your project! Created by the Nuxt team and community.

👉 https://modules.nuxtjs.org

Modules Database

Metadata of nuxt modules are maintained in yml files inside ./modules directory and automatically synced from upstream to fetch latest information.


  • If you feel a module is missing, please create a new issue
  • If some data is outdated please directly openin a pull request

Using CDN

Compiled JSON data is available from following CDNs:

Using npm package

You can use the @nuxt/modules package by installing it in your project:

# npm
npm install @nuxt/modules

# yarn
yarn add @nuxt/modules

Then you can directly import the list of modules:

// ESM
import modules from '@nuxt/modules'

// CommonJS
const modules = require('@nuxt/modules')


Field Name Auto sync Description
name No Canonical name or integration name
description Yes Short description
repo No Github repository. Format is org/name or org/name#main/path
npm Yes NPM package name
icon No Icon of module from ./website/static/icons directory
github No Github URL
website No Website URL
learn_more No Link to learn more (website or relevant integration website)
category No Module category from ./lib/categories.json
type No community (for nuxt-community), official (for https://github.com/) or 3rd-party
maintainers Yes List of maintainers each item has name, github and avatar
compatibility No Module compatibility status. Valid keys are 2.x, 2.x-bridge and 3.x and valid values are working, wip, unknown, broken and rip. Please see this discussion for more information.


Add or update repository

yarn sync <name> <repo>

Example: yarn sync tailwindcss nuxt-community/tailwindcss-module

To sync with a branch different than master, suffix the repo with #repo-branch, example: yarn sync tailwindcss nuxt-community/tailwindcss-module#dev

Auto update all current modules

yarn sync

Generate dist/module.json

yarn build

Website development

  • Clone repository
  • Change working directory to website using cd website
  • Install website depenedencies using npx yarn install

Start development:

npx yarn dev

Then visit http://localhost:3000

In the development, the npm downloads and GitHub stars will be mocked unless setting GITHUB_TOKEN variable.

Production build

Create a personnal GitHub token (no scope selected) and add it to .env:

# .env

Generate the website:

yarn generate

Start the production website:

yarn start


MIT - Made by Nuxt Team